Call for Papers: International Workshop “Innovating Innovation Policy“

03.07.2018 InterSpin
We would like to draw your attention to our international workshop on “Innovating Innovation Policy“ (September 26-28, 2018 in Kiel). The purpose of the workshop is to bring together scholars from different fields to discuss the consequences of digitalization and the increasing internationalization of R&D&I for regional development and for the proper design of innovation […]

Experience Exchange Meeting InterSpiN (27.02.2018): Presentation Publista

12.03.2018 Institut für Technologie und Arbeit; innofocus; WeichertMehner- Download: PUBLISTA_BMBF_Feb2018.pdf

Successful ending of the 5th Experience Exchange Meeting in Berlin

12.03.2018 InterSpin
On 27.02.2018 the 5th experience exchange meeting of the accompanying research „Internationalization of leading-edge clusters, future projects and similar networks“ (InterSpin) took place in Berlin. The accompanying research presented reports of the current status of their project InterSpin with an focus on the monitoring as well as the research project PubliSta. Furthermore, the participants [...]

Exchange meeting in Berlin on 19.10.2017

05.10.2017 InterSpin
The 4th Experience Exchange Meeting will take place at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin. The current program can be found here.