On 27.09.2016 the experience exchange meeting of the accompanying research „Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern, Zukunftsprojekten und vergleichbaren Netzwerken“ (InterSpiN) took place in Bonn. Besides the research teams, representatives from the ministry, the project management as well as from the chosen clusters and networks of the first and second funding round were participating.

In addition to a report as well as first recommendations of the previous work of the accompanying research InterSpiN, the participants were also informed about the current status of the research project “Mehrebenenanalyse der Netzwerkstrukturen von Clustern – MeNeC”. Furthermore, to tackle the two main topics „Gegenfinanzierung auf internationaler Ebene“ as well as „IPR“ of this years’ experience exchange meeting, experts were invited to hold presentations. Moreover, apart from the different presentations, the participants had also sufficient time to actually exchange and discuss their experiences.

Please find the detailed schedule of the experience exchange meeting here.