On 02.03.2017 the 3rd experience exchange meeting of the accompanying research „Internationalization of leading-edge clusters, future projects and similar networks“ (InterSpin) took place in Berlin.

The accompanying research presented reports of the current status of their project InterSpin as well as the research project MeNeC. Furthermore, the participants of the first and second founding round got introduced to the accompanying research project „The Virtual Cluster Academy“.

The main topic of this years‘ experience exchange meeting refers to „How to develop an internationalization strategy“. Within this context, conclusions were drawn from previous submitted internationalization concepts of the first funding round of the FMER and PtJ. Therefore, the accompanying research InterSpin investigated how to work out an internationalization strategy and formulate an internationalization concept. Apart from this, the two clusters Hamburg Aviation and Organic Electronics Saxony presented experiences from their conception phase.

During the course of the experience exchange meeting, the clusters and networks of the first founding round could exchange in terms of international cooperation in project outlines and journeys of success in reference to co-financing. The clusters of the second founding round got introduced to the concept of the accompanying research for one thing and for another, an intensive discussion and exchange with representatives of the accompanying research took place. Beyond that, all participants had sufficient time to actually exchange and discuss their experiences. Please find the detailed schedule of the experience exchange meeting here.

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